Wood constituents for energy harvesting: Innovative insights for bio-based electronics (1063/22)

Innovative development of a wood and bio-based economy is essential for future industry and market development in Sweden. Its growth is strongly connected to establishment of cross-disciplinary and cross-industry collaborations to further develop and implement new solutions based on wood biomass products (such as nanocellulose, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) in novel high- value products. The acceleration and stimulation of new bio-based solutions, such as proposed in this project on nanoenabled electronics, can provide significant increase in value added products. Such novel developments will require vital and relevant knowledge arising from chemical, physical and mechanical nanoscale properties that will be assembled in this project with focus on bio-based electronics solutions. This project offers an initial route for the conversion of wood (nanocellulose, lignin, hemicellulose) bio-based mass into bio-based innovative and high value-added products.

This project is aiming to explore essential cellulose and nanocellulose (NC) properties such as piezoelectricity, mechanical strength, and flexibility to provide new knowledge of high importance for constructing self-powered and sustainable wearable electronics. This project is also aiming to develop and characterize new hybrid structures such as lignin elastomer particles decorated with nanocellulose and nanocellulose/lignin aerogels for energy harvesting.

Key interrelated parts:
– Piezoelectricity and triboelectricity of NC-based materials.
– Hybrid material preparation and characterization.
– Raman characterization on microscale and nanoscale.

The project outcomes will contribute to development of innovative and sustainable wearable electronics with maximized nano-mechanoelectric efficiency by providing unique insights on NC-based materials. The project results can greatly promote preparation of NC-based prototype wearables, such as piezoelectric- and triboelectric nanogenerators with functionalities to power vibration sensors used for daily health and fitness monitoring. The work will be carried out in collaborations with world leading researchers in the field to shorten the path from new knowledge to

Illia Dobryden, RISE

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